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Treewise is the UK leader in the effective and efficient mitigation of tree risk to critical infrastructure and services

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Mapping Technology

Our solution uses LiDAR, Multispectral and Satellite data to provide information rich, decision support tools for infrastructure operators.

Arbonaut Oy

We use ProMS, a globally utilised forestry management system to create a Green Balance Sheet, managing all trees as assets and providing proactive decision support.

Cloud Service

Our solution is available as a Cloud service providing vegetation management and operations with near real time information and updates from in the field.

Arboreal Expertise

Our solutions are built, not by technologists, but by deeply experienced and committed arborists answering the question “how do I use this pretty data to cut trees?”

Why choose us?

There are lots of vegetation management companies around, but not like Treewise. Treewise understands the critical need for its customers to keep their national infrastructure networks operational, providing continuous services that society relies on every day.

Whether its electricity to light a home or a train journey to work, making sure the network behind the service is resilient, safe and not adversely impacted by vegetation encroachment is the reason Treewise is in business - effectively mitigating tree and vegetation risk to critical infrastructure and services without damaging our environment. Not only that though. Treewise really cares. It’s a specialist vegetation management consultancy that really cares about its work, its people, its customers and its wider impact on wildlife, the environment and its contribution to society.

Here’s why we think we are a bit different:

  • Treewise views trees as assets, adding real value to the bottom line of a customer’s business our natural accounting is a big plus to their green balance sheet
  • Treewise uses the latest innovative technology solutions to collect, monitor and manage vegetation along corridors of national infrastructure by creating Digital Twins. This combined with smart app solutions gives customers immediate big data information to support the generation of optimum value decisions.
  • The Treewise team combines expert arborists with operational delivery experience spanning years, strategists, finance and commercial specialists as well as technology and sustainability professionals all with a common goal – to support our customers deliver costs savings, greater operational efficiency and a more resilient network balanced with minimum impact on the environment and a circular economy approach.
  • The entire team recognises the benefits that natural ecosystems generate for society and the need for balance for managing vegetation with conservation.
  • Innovation at Treewise is continuous. Working together with partners, suppliers, customers and academics, Treewise is always searching for new ways of working, new technology, new systems and processes to drive a more efficient and green solution for its customers and benefit for wider society. Treewise – Valuing natures assets and managing natures risks If you like what you read and would like to find out more, we’d love to hear from you.

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Our innovative approach to managing trees as assets enables owners of linear infrastructure to ensure network security and enhance the natural value – the Green Balance Sheet - of their route corridors. We do this by combining technology with know-how to provide arborists with modern, flexible decision-support tools that identify and balance vegetation risks to infrastructure e.g. transport and power/telecoms with the environmental opportunities along their Rights of Way which also support the Circular Economy by demonstrably reducing both maintenance costs and CO2 emissions by c. 50% whilst improving network resilience.
Uniquely, Treewise embraces and delivers innovation that enables customers to demonstrably manage vegetation risk appropriately and sympathetically, reduce carbon emissions and improve environmental and biodiversity Net Gain.

Operational Efficiency

Treewise can deliver up to 50% cost savings of total tree management costs.
Our tree-by-tree asset-based approach allows us to help customers effectively identify tree problems and efficiently reduce Opex cost.

Increased Compliance

Our in field auditing solution ensures that vegetation status is updated in real time providing the compliance data you need.

Reduction in penalties

Our proactive approach to decision support and prioritised work order management helps ensure service availability and reduces the likelihood of regulatory penalties.

Environmental Management

Our decision support and management services ensure utility corridors are managed sustainably and continually provide environmental and biodiversity Net gain.

Treewise Fast Facts

Utility arboriculture represents an estimated £150 million of arboricultural work in the UK each year adjacent to electricity supplies, plus work adjacent to rail, waterways and telecommunications networks. Arboricultural Association – Utility Arb Group – Professional Committee

Our Circular Economy approach to vegetation management means we can create additional customer revenue streams to offset mitigation cost.

Freedom of Information Act 2000 documents demonstrate that under the current electricity vegetation management budget of £100 million per annum, vegetation related faults on the network are projected to increase at a rate of 34.8% per annum (Kingdom, 2015)

Using our prioritised tree asset-based approach and in-field apps our customers could reduce faults, by up to 70%, in a measured approach to suit their business needs.

100Km of power lines (of the 300km nationally) need to be surved and managed over a three year cycle

Treewise effectively turn traditional cyclic pruning operations into proactive prioritised targeted risk operations that evidence value for money

The Varley Report published in 2018 stated that there were:“19000 vegetation related incidents leading to over 1750 train cancellations”. This is a rising trend.

Treewise solutions can reduce this by up to 50%.
Treewise Circular Economy Approach drives sustainability and net zero targets

More Services

Our Vegetation Management Decision support provides a digital twin of proximity tree assets to critical infrastructure. The assets consist of a number of attributes including position, proximity risk, tree health index, growth modelling, soil conditions etc. The modelling will also allow identification of risk areas, providing habitat and associated heat maps, enhancing decision making in vegetation management and supporting the production of automated digital work orders distributed directly to maintenance teams moving from reactive to proactive activities. In field measurement (auditing) of works completed will then automatically update the assets in real time.
Our innovative approach to risk and vegetation management, treating all trees as assets, builds on mature forestry management technologies. This is applied in a number of ways across critical infrastructure.
If a tree can’t get its food, it dies. This is the same with a digital tree that sits in a database. A digital data base is just a ‘snapshot’ in time. At Treewise we use in-field apps to validate that Work Instructions are carried out to our customer and their grantor requirements. As well as validating safety compliance it ensures efficient operational spend. This in field audit apps update the tree asset attributes so our customers have real time understanding of future work programs, risk, spend and carbon footprint.
Treewise is a specialist consultancy combining core arborist expertise and experience and state-of-the-art technology with the aim of generating a net carbon neutral operation that will support our customers decarbonisation plans and environmental sustainability strategy, as well as the circular economy. Intelligent Replanting: Rather than tree clearance for the sake of tree clearance Treewise can provide the means to identify diseased trees, and/or trees whos' size or canopy overreach is either currently a potential risk, or likely to become a quantifiable risk to infrastructure within a predicted and managed timeframe. This facilitates the planned removal of diseased or other problem trees to be replaced with younger trees of carefully selected species to create a sustainable natural woodland corridor alongside power, rail, highway or water networks, optimised for CO2 sequestration.

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